University of Wisconsin–Madison

General NU & SHSS

Working with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) under the leadership of its Dean Daniel Pugh, and with various programs, departments, and administrative offices across Nazarbayev University, UW-Madison is currently (April 2016 – March 2018) providing the following services and consultation to NU under the General NU & SHSS Agreement (Agreement 5):

UW-Madison’s Lauren Rosen delivers a workshop at NU in Spring 2016 on Instructional Technology

Strategic Planning and Evaluation in SHSS: SHSS will conduct a self-study in 2016 and UW-Madison will assess SHSS school-wide policies and practices in administrative, research and teaching areas, with the goal of better understanding the strengths and challenges that the school and its programs face. UW-Madison experts will also conduct individual reviews of two majors or M.A. programs within SHSS, with a focus on pedagogy, course content and potential teaching enhancements, and make recommendations on programs and courses for visiting international students.

SHSS Faculty Development, Collaboration and Exchanges: With the goal of advancing research, teaching and international collaboration of NU SHSS faculty, UW-Madison and NU will offer the following opportunities:

  • Six UW-Madison faculty will serve as mentors for SHSS junior faculty in AY2016-2017
  • Selected SHSS junior faculty will make month-long visits to UW-Madison during the summer and week-long visits during the academic year
  • In 2017, UW-Madison and SHSS faculty will co-organize a scholarly conference at NU
  • One UW-Madison faculty or advanced graduate student will teach summer school at SHSS in 2016 and in 2017
  • UW-Madison faculty will serve as external members of SHSS M.A. thesis and admissions committees

Kazakh Language, Literature and Culture Department (KLLC): KLLC will conduct a departmental self-study and UW-Madison will follow with a program review. In so doing, UW-Madison will provide advice and recommendations on transforming KLLC into a comprehensive SHSS department with regional expertise and excellence in faculty research, learning outcomes and outreach. UW-Madison experts will also consult on assessment techniques within current KLLC courses and give workshops at NU on instructional technology and faculty teaching/research development.

Enhancement of English Language Instruction and Learning: UW-Madison experts will provide consultation and assessment towards the further development of undergraduate and graduate writing and speaking courses, the NU Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program.

Educational Innovation: With the goal of advancing effective teaching practices and improving student learning experiences at NU, UW-Madison faculty and staff will collaborate with NU faculty in the production of multimedia toolkits, intensive seminars on educational innovation and mentoring activities.

Career and Academic Advising: UW-Madison advising staff will travel to NU in Fall 2016 to meet with NU counterparts and make recommendations on career advising methods and counseling; a follow-up visit in Fall 2017 will be a comprehensive assessment of the advising system at NU. In addition, NU academic advising staff will visit UW-Madison both years for specialized workshops and consultation on advising techniques, resources and best practices.

NU Alumni Association: NU’s new Alumni Association and its alumni programs will be evaluated by UW-Madison experts in Fall 2016 with the goal of enhancing its operations and developing a strong NU alumni network.

Library Development: In addition to UW-Madison offering its fee-based Wisconsin TechSearch document delivery service to NU faculty and staff to obtain resources not available in the NU Library collection, UW-Madison library staff will continue to assist NU with the enhancement of its library services by consulting on selected topics (such as development of the NU repository, cataloging, and information literacy).  Three NU Library staff members will enroll in online classes for professional development opportunities in UW-Madison’s School of Library and Information Science, starting in Fall 2016.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing: UW-Madison traveled to NU in May 2016 to evaluate student crisis support services and share best practices for enhancing student mental health and wellbeing.

NU Office of the Registrar: In June 2016, UW-Madison Registrar staff members will travel to NU to evaluate procedures and recommend improvements.  Following that trip, NU Registrar staff visit the UW-Madison Registrar Office for shadowing and consultations on best practices.

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