University of Wisconsin–Madison


UW-Madison’s introduction to the idea for Nazarbayev University (NU) came in late 2009, when a delegation from Kazakhstan traveled to Madison to lay out its vision for a world-class research university and to discuss a potential partnership between our institutions.

NU Construction 4
A UW-Madison Team surveys construction of Nazarbayev University in April, 2010

In 2010, a UW-Madison Team took an initial site visit to Nazarbayev University and then conducted a feasibility study on the establishment of a School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) at NU, and in early 2011 formal activities focused on SHSS began.

Since 2011, dozens of units across UW-Madison campus have been involved in the UW-Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University.

Each stage of this partnership had its own formal agreement (1-5). For further details and activities of each agreement, please see Agreements 1-2, Agreement 3, Agreement 4, and Agreement 5. For an overview of select activities and some photo galleries, please visit our Photo Album.